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Entering Rehab? Here’s What to Expect

Entering rehab can be a frightening experience. The prospect of sobriety can be intimidating, and not knowing what to expect can lead to considerable anxiety. However, rehab isn’t as difficult as many imagine, and many aspects of it can be tremendously rewarding. Here are a few facts about what you can expect when you enter our Dunham Institute for our substance abuse treatment facility in Long Beach, California.


A Welcoming and Warm Environment

People suffering from addiction often feel a considerable amount of guilt. Dealing with judgment from people you know can make it feel like nobody is with you. When you enter our addiction treatment center in Long Beach, you’ll find a group of people offering unconditional support. This open environment helps you feel comfortable quickly, letting you open up and understand your addiction and what treatment entails.


Safe Detox

Withdrawal symptoms can be intense, and some types of withdrawal can lead to physical and mental duress. At our drug rehab, we provide supervised detox to ensure you’re taken care of during the process. Many people find the detox period to be the most difficult part of becoming sober, but symptoms often resolve in a fairly short period of time, helping you move on to other portions of addiction recovery in a timely manner.


One-on-One Therapy

Addiction is complex. Those suffering from addiction often had trouble beforehand that lead to addiction, and the impact of addiction means you might have other problems to work through. One-on-one therapy provides a safe environment for you to work through these issues with a qualified expert. The dual-diagnosis approach entails treating both your addiction and any other problems simultaneously, which helps ensure that your past problems don’t increase the likelihood of relapse in the future.


Group Therapy

The prospect of sharing details of your addiction with others can seem terrifying at first. Over time, however, group therapy can be invaluable for getting sober and staying that way. At our drug rehab centers, you’ll find a welcoming network of people willing to listen and provide support. These contacts don’t end when you leave our addiction recovery facility in Long Beach, and the people you meet will help provide support while you’re maintaining sobriety in the future.


A Place to Plan

Staying sober one day at a time is the goal for anyone who has struggled in the past with addiction. However, it’s also important to plan ahead; future events can cause stress, and failing to plan appropriately can lead to substance abuse relapse. By working with addiction specialists, you’ll learn how to plan for difficult times and prepare to rebuild your life. These skills help you deal with anxiety as it comes and avoid the temptation of substance abuse.


Tools for Coping

When at our Long Beach addiction treatment facility, you’ll work with experts to develop skills for avoiding temptation when primary treatment has ended. Urges can be strong, but you can work through them, and the techniques you learn will help ease the process. Although one of the main goal of a drug rehab facility is to help clients become sober, learning how to stay sober indefinitely is just as, if not more, important. The extended support group you join at our addiction recovery center in Long Beach will provide ongoing assistance, ensuring you always have access to support and encouragement.


Entering a drug detox clinic in Long Beach can be intimidating at first, but the end results make it well worth working past your fears. Rehab isn’t just about short-term sobriety; a core part of an effective addiction recovery program is learning the skills needed to maintain your recovery for the rest of your life. The future is bright for those who are sober, and the first step for enjoying life to its fullest is to receive the help you need. Call Dunham Institute today to get started on your overall physical and mental health today.

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