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A person who is suffering from drug or alcohol dependency needs more than the desire to be free of an addiction. In many cases, they must undergo treatment at an addiction recovery center in order to overcome their reliance on substances. Attempting to defeat a substance problem without adequate supervision is unwise. The chances of success are extremely low. Furthermore, the potential for an adverse health reaction is very high. At a substance abuse treatment facility like Dunham Institute, a professional team monitors a client during the vital intake period and then institutes a lengthy, structured, monitored, and safe path to overcoming each individual client’s addiction issues.


Upon intake at our addiction recovery center in Los Angeles, California, a client experiences the vital detox process. A drug detox clinic monitors the withdrawal of alcohol and controlled substances as they leave the body. The detox period is hardly pleasant. Clients need support and careful oversight during this challenging process. Safety is tremendously enhanced by effective supervision during detox. Access to safe care is among the most important components found in a drug rehab facility.


Treating the physical issues of substance abuse problems is absolutely critical to overcoming any addiction. The mental health treatment process does mean a great deal as well. There may be root psychological causes for the onset of addictive behavior. Withdrawal may lead to depression. All of the psychological issues associated with drug treatment should be properly addressed in order to provide the best chance at recovery. Our addiction recovery program places an emphasis on therapy and mental health support.


The rehabilitation program at the addiction recovery facility might even provide a physical wellness program designed to strengthen the body, alleviate stress, and build up confidence. Physical health is important. Simply taking part in fitness workouts can aid recovery in numerous ways. Various other physical activities may take place during the rehab stay. Art therapy is one very popular method of helping to improve mental health and wellness.


Clients not only gain access to support from therapists, but also from the support group that makes up the community of the addiction treatment center. Talking openly with others who have the same problems does help the overall recovery process. For some, fellow clients can be extremely helpful, since they understand what peers are going through. A client may be more willing to speak openly about personal details and history with a peer as opposed to a staff member. Great progress can be made when clients are speaking to others in a support group, which is a major reason why support groups play such a prominent role in supervised care.


We recognize that every client who enters into our addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles, California is an individual. Therefore, each and every client is best served by undergoing individualized care. There is no single, solitary, uniform way in which treatment can be perform. The individual needs of clients must be met in order for a successful outcome. The particular substances a person may be struggling with play a role in how to approach treatment. So does the personal story of the client. Every unique aspect of a client’s history and situation is examined in order to help in the best way possible.


After the end of an addiction recovery stay, the client moves into the aftercare program. Effective aftercare is intended to keep the risk of a relapse low. Aftercare can take different forms with all of them being supportive of the recovery process. Outpatient treatment is allows for a “part-time schedule” for meeting with counselors and therapists. Clients may even opt for sober house living in order to make a more structured reentry into daily living.


Dunham Institute drug rehab centers provide a much more comprehensive approach to care than many realize. The varied and broad-based treatment methods found in our recovery facility contributes to leading clients to a path of hope and recovery.

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