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Experiencing every day through the haze of drug addiction is no way to live. When your whole existence is centered on getting high, your ability to care about the things that really matter slowly drains away. Things like your career, family, and friends go by the wayside as you dedicate all your energy towards scoring your next fix. If you are tired of living life as a slave to addiction, come to a Dunham Institute drug rehab center for incredible addiction recovery therapy that can set you free from substance abuse.


Detox the Way You Need It

When you try to get off drugs by yourself, it can prove to be an exercise in futility. The lure of getting high is simply too irresistible for many of those entrenched in addiction. This is especially true when you start to feel awful as you go through withdrawal. That is why you need to come to our addiction treatment center in Meridian, Idaho. Inside our drug detox clinic, you will enjoy managed detox that keeps you safe in a comfortable setting. With the support of our excellent staff, you will find that withdrawal can be perfectly manageable with the proper support.


Dual Diagnosis Rehab Experience

At our Meridian, Idaho addiction recovery facility, we provide a full range of mental health treatment services for our clients. Many people who deal with mental health problems also battle drug addiction. If mental health issues are not addressed as part of the recovery process, it is only a matter of time until relapse occurs. We ensure our clients get the mental health treatment they need to achieve a lasting recovery from drug addiction.


Care You Can Count On

The thing that really stands out inside our Meridian, Idaho addiction treatment facility is the level of care we give to our clients. Our staff always goes the extra mile to provide you with the highest level of care. We offer this top of care within a safe environment. You will always feel secure when you are inside our drug rehab facility, providing you with the courage you need to share your thoughts and feelings during your treatment.


The Importance of Community

At our Meridian, Idaho addiction recovery center, we embrace the power of group therapy in addiction treatment. We do everything we can to provide our clients with the best possible group therapy experience while they are in our addiction recovery program. Our group leaders do a fantastic job of guiding group discussions, leading them in productive directions and ensuring that each member of the group gets an equal opportunity to contribute.


Individualized Treatment Experience

One of the most important aspects of our drug rehab experience is that we create tailored treatment programs for all our clients. When you come to our addiction treatment center in Meridian, Idaho, we will create an idealized addiction treatment program that is designed to optimize your recovery experience based on your unique needs.


Aftercare Assistance

Transitioning from the rehab environment back to the everyday world can be a bit of a bumpy ride. We help to smooth the transition by providing you with aftercare programs that will demonstrate that we are by your side for every step of the recovery journey. With aftercare assistance, you will find the support you need to resist the temptations that exist in the world outside rehab. Whenever you need support to stay sober, our aftercare is there to help.


When you are wrapped up in the trap of drug addiction, the thought of recovery may seem impossible. Getting to a life filled with the happiness you deserve is not as hard as you think. With the help of our substance abuse treatment facility in Meridian, Idaho, you will have access to every tool you need to conquer drug addiction. Dunham Institute will help you to get sober, but more importantly we will teach you the things you need to know to stay clean in the future.

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