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At Dunham Institute drug rehab centers, we understand that addiction recovery is a long process and not one that should be completed alone. At our addiction recovery facility in Memphis, Tennessee, we provide a safe place for clients to understand their addiction and work toward sobriety. We serve clients who have a desire to change their lives for the better.


Substance abuse is a chronic disease that can influence every part of a person’s life. Destroyed relationships, lack of independence, and a low quality of life name a few of the ill effects of substance abuse. Continued and increasing use of substances will eventually impact a person’s brain functioning. A person will experience intense cravings and become unable to quit on their own despite the adverse effect it is having on their lives. At Dunham Institute addiction treatment facilities, we provide the additional support, therapy, and aftercare that is needed for true addiction recovery and sobriety.


The first step toward recovery is detox, the process by which the body gets rid of the addictive substance. At our Memphis drug detox clinic, experienced professionals will monitor and supervise the process to ensure the client’s safety. While detoxing, the body will experience withdrawal symptoms that are unpleasant and unpredictable. This is why detoxing can be dangerous and is not something that should be done alone. Rather, it should be done in a safe and caring environment, like at our addiction treatment facility in Memphis with follow-up services.


After a successful detox, our substance abuse treatment facility will provide the professional and caring help clients need to succeed. We believe in dual diagnosis because most clients suffer from some sort of mental health issue. Because mental health issues may have caused and exacerbated the addiction, we strive to look at the whole picture and treat both issues together. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Memphis, clients receive treatment from mental health professionals for any underlying mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Often times, clients find that substances are being used to self-medicate. Finding alternative ways to cope with mental health issues improves the client’s chances of a full recovery.


Individual therapy will often occur, and clients will be encouraged to speak openly and honestly. We strive to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable where clients can be themselves and work through their issues successfully. Each client will make an individual treatment plan with goals based on their own unique needs. They will identify triggers and discuss alternative ways to manage stress and gain skills to cope in healthy ways.


Having a supportive community is an important factor to success. That is why our addiction treatment center in Memphis also emphasizes group therapy. It is incredibly beneficial to face addiction and recovery with others who are having the same experience. Through group therapy, clients gain mutual support and often make supportive friendships that last beyond their time at the Dunham Institute addiction recovery center.


The environment of our addiction treatment facility in Memphis, Tennessee is supportive and encouraging. Clients are focused on their recovery day-in and day-out. Once they leave the facility, temptations and triggers abound, and clients risk relapsing. Because one of the most difficult elements of recovery is continued sobriety, we provide crucial aftercare programs in order to help clients successfully re-enter society after a client completes the addiction recovery program. By transitioning the client with the help of ongoing individual therapy, group therapy, and continuing drug education, our drug rehab facilities offer clients the tools they need to continue their sobriety.


Today is the day to take the first step toward a living a safe, healthy, and normal life. The caring, professional, and supportive atmosphere at our facility is committed to helping individuals become sober. Through our successful programs and committed follow-up, clients can realize there is hope.

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