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Dunham Institute drug rehab centers are proud to maintain a tradition of quality, compassionate care and support for individuals looking for freedom from their substance dependency. We understand the frustrations and struggles associated with rehabilitation, which is why we combine conventional techniques with innovative therapies to provide a high standard of service for every client at our drug detox clinic in Charleston, West Virginia.


To us, there is nothing more important than the full and permanent recovery of the clients participating in our addiction recovery program. We maintain a clean, safe and modern addiction treatment facility in Charleston to give victims of substance abuse a place where they can feel at home and pursue their rehabilitation. The road to complete recovery can be long and challenging, but it’s also an experience that yields rewards in the years ahead.


Overcoming Physical Dependency and Withdrawal

For many of our clients, the first step in their program is to achieve a state of clear body and mind. Quitting an addictive substance can be painful physically as well as mentally, which makes it an incredibly difficult task to accomplish alone. We welcome all of our clients to participate in our supervised detoxification program as an alternative solution to increase their odds of success and mitigate some of the risks associated with withdrawal.


Clients who take advantage of this solution at our Charleston addiction recovery facility have the benefit of calm, stable surroundings while they pursue personal well-being. Staff members oversee the process and keep an eye on all participants to make sure they are healthy and secure throughout their detoxification. Clients can also rely on their sound advice and counseling to help them stay focused on getting sober.


Managing mental health concerns is essential for providing effective addiction recovery services, which is why we also screen for signs of health concerns in our clients. We encourage our clients to seek professional treatment for potential mental health concerns as part of their rehabilitation efforts.


Customized Treatment at Our Facility

No two people are exactly alike, which means that no two addiction treatment programs should be exactly alike either. The staff members at our substance abuse treatment facility in Charleston craft a tailored program for each client who participants in one of our programs. They use information gathered from observation and conversation to develop milestone objectives and long-term goals to guide participants on their journey of recovery.


All of the programs at a Dunham Institute addiction recovery center include ample opportunity for clients to join in various therapeutic activities. We encourage all able clients to engage in physical exercise on a regular basis to improve their mood and health. Program participants can also learn new skills, as well as learn to socialize and enjoy themselves in a variety of settings. All of these activities help build confidence and a sense of self-worth, as well as show participants different ways they can take control of their own lives.


Everyone participating in one of our programs also joins in group counseling sessions with fellow clients and staff members. These conversations cover a wide range of topics, including common issues associated with addiction as well as specific personal challenges. Clients also have direct access to staff members, so they have a place where they can discuss private concerns in a confidential setting.


Preparing for Life After Addiction

Ultimately, the purpose of the programs at Dunham Institute is to provide the foundation for a healthy future for our clients. We want to make sure that every participant finishes their program with the knowledge and motivation they need to shape a better life for themselves.


Our addiction treatment center in Charleston, West Virginia is open to clients even after they have completed their primary program. We want them to feel comfortable returning to our drug rehab facility in the months and years following their initial treatment if they ever feel the need for additional counseling or therapy. Our aftercare solutions help clients stay on track and confront the challenges they face in a productive, positive way.

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